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Sermons by Pastor David C. Innes

Wednesday, Feb 22 , Wednesday Night Bible Study

The Ordinances or Sacraments: Chapter 43

Wednesday, Jan 11 , Wednesday Night

The Church - Chapter 41

Wednesday, Jan 4 , Wednesday Night

Part Seven: The Believer and the Church

Sunday, Nov 13 , Afternoon Service

A Message to the Churches of America

Speaker: Pastor David C. Innes
Series: The Church of God
Passage: Ephesians 3
Wednesday, Nov 2 , Wednesday Night

The Believer's Warfare: You Are Not Alone

Wednesday, Nov 2 , Wednesday Night

The Life of Victory

Wednesday, Oct 26 , Wednesday Night

The Believer's Warfare: The Assurance of Victory

Wednesday, Oct 19 , Wednesday Night

The Believer's Warfare - Chapter 39

Wednesday, Oct 12 , Wednesday Night

Temptation: A Believer's Duty Ch. 38

Wednesday, Sep 14 , Wednesday Night

Temptation - Ch.38

Wednesday, Sep 7 , Wednesday Night

The Believer and the Will of God - Ch. 37

Wednesday, Aug 31 , Wednesday Night

What is Prayer? Part Two - Ch. 36